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New Delhi: An internal inquiry has been initiated, and the Tihar jail superintendent has been directed to submit a report regarding a letter that was conveyed from the incarcerated Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to his wife Sunita Kejriwal without following due protocol, sources have revealed.

According to a source within Tihar, “The authorities have ordered an internal inquiry, and the jail superintendent is instructed to file a report on how the letter was delivered without adhering to the prescribed protocol. Initial investigations indicate that the jail superintendent was unaware of the letter’s existence.”

The sitting Delhi CM was arrested on March 21 in connection with the Delhi excise policy case after a prolonged interrogation. On April 1, a special court remanded him to judicial custody until April 15. He is housed in Ward No. 4 of Tihar’s jail No. 2 as the sole inmate, accompanied by four Tihar security personnel during strolls within the jail premises.

As per the established protocol, inmates are not permitted to pass letters to their visitors without the consent of the jail superintendent.

The Delhi Prison Rules 2018 stipulate that while inmates can write an unlimited number of letters at their own expense, these letters must be routed through the jail superintendent, effectively negating any secrecy in their contents.

The rules state, “The Superintendent may withhold any letter that seems to him to be, in any way, improper or objectionable. He may also cause such passages in the letters to be erased.”

The inquiry was prompted after Sunita Kejriwal read out a message from the Delhi Chief Minister during a press conference on Thursday. Since Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest, Sunita has been functioning as his spokesperson.

“Arvind Kejriwal has sent a message to all MLAs: Just because I am in jail, the people of Delhi should not suffer in any way. Every MLA should visit their area every day and discuss people’s problems and sort them out,” Sunita Kejriwal stated.