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INDMP Desk- Ayodhya witnessed a remarkable spectacle at the grand Ram Temple on the occasion of Ram Navami as the forehead of the Ram Lalla idol was adorned with a unique ‘Surya Tilak’—a beam of sunlight, using cutting-edge scientific expertise.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, a precisely measured 5.8-centimeter beam of light graced the deity’s forehead, marking a significant scientific achievement. This extraordinary phenomenon was made possible through the collaborative efforts of a team of ten esteemed Indian scientists stationed at the Ram Mandir.

Commissioned by the temple trust, scientists from a leading government institution devised a sophisticated apparatus comprising mirrors and lenses, officially termed the ‘Surya Tilak mechanism’. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Ramacharla, scientist and director at the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, provided insights into the intricate workings of the optomechanical system.

Dr. Ramacharla explained, “The optomechanical system consists of four mirrors and four lenses, meticulously fitted inside the tilt mechanism and piping systems. These components work harmoniously to direct sunlight onto the forehead of Shree Ram facing east, creating the sacred ‘Surya Tilak’.”

The development of this mechanism involved collaboration between scientists from CBRI, Roorkee, and the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIAP), Bengaluru. Employing specialized gearboxes and leveraging reflective mirrors and lenses, the team orchestrated the precise alignment of sunlight rays from the temple’s third floor to the inner sanctum (Garbha Griha).


Image courtesy-DD

Dr. Pradeep Chauhan, a scientist at CBRI, expressed confidence in the flawless execution of the ‘Surya Tilak’ ritual, emphasizing the meticulous arrangements made to ensure its timely occurrence on Ram Navami.

The Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) in Bengaluru played a pivotal role in reconciling the disparity between lunar and solar calendars, ensuring the ceremonial anointment of the Ram Lalla idol on every Ram Navami.

The esteemed team involved in this project includes scientists and consultants from CBRI, Roorkee, and IIA Bengaluru, as well as experts from Optica, a Bengaluru-based company.

While similar mechanisms exist in some Jain temples and the Sun Temple at Konark, the innovative approach adopted in Ayodhya sets a new benchmark in blending tradition with cutting-edge technology.

This groundbreaking event underscores India’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage while embracing scientific advancements, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s cultural and technological landscape.